Our partners

Are your HME partners focused on improving health outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions?

iSLEEP provides a turnkey sleep health solution to screen, diagnose and treat chronic sleep conditions.

Primary & Specialty Care Medical Groups

Nearly 80% of Obstructive Sleep Apnea cases remain undiagnosed. iSLEEP partners with Medical Groups to implement turnkey screening, testing, and treatment programs with no upfront cost. Our program significantly improves patient health outcomes and creates additional revenue for your practice.


It’s no secret that hospitals face big penalties for certain readmissions. iSLEEP’s VentNAV and SleepNAV programs identify and manage patients with chronic respiratory and sleep conditions to keep them our of the hospital.

ACO & Health Plans

Sleep & Respiratory disorders are increasingly common and undiagnosed. Patients with undiagnosed or untreated sleep apnea use 25 to 50% more medical resources. iSLEEP provides a turn-key solution to improve patient outcomes and reduce health utilization.

Transportation Organizations

iSLEEP partners with the Nation’s largest transportation companies to administer turnkey fatigue management programs that get drivers screened, tested, diagnosed, and on treatment in under a week.