ResMed AirFit™ N30i Nasal Mask




AirFit™ N30i by ResMed is a nasal cradle mask designed to keep air tubing out of sight and out of your way, giving you the freedom to comfortably switch positions and sleep the way you want. AirFit™ N30i is great for anyone who sleeps in multiple positions, stomach sleepers, or those with bed partners!


AirFit N30i and P30i User Guide

AirFit N30i Sizing Guide

HCPCS A7034+A7035


ResMed AirFit™ N30i Nasal Mask (Fitpack)

Please Note: The following cushions are included in the fit pack option: Small, Medium, and Small-Wide.

Product Description

ResMed has long been known for designing the most comfortable CPAP mask interfaces on the market and the streak continues with the new AirFit series N30i nasal style CPAP mask. The N30i is unique in the sense that it could be called a nasal pillow OR nasal mask. The curved cradle cushion offers a seal that is less invasive and unlike a nasal pillow, it does not use inserts that go directly into the nostrils. The minimal parts to this mask make it lightweight and the CPAP user barely notices it there as opposed to traditional style nasal masks that tend to be bulky with too much weight.

Special Features And Benefits Of The AirFit N30i

  • Unique tube design that allows you to sleep in any position without restriction.
  • The comfortable nasal cushion covers less area of the face and seals around it, not in it.
  • The special SpringFit frame adapts for a stable, personalized fit.
  • The CPAP air pressure travels through the frame for a soft yet secure cradle seal.
  • Clear field of vision to watch television or read prior to going to sleep.

Included With This Purchase

  • (1) AirFit N30i Nasal Mask Frame (select size)
  • (1) Headgear Strap
  • (1) Elbow Tube Connector
  • (3) Cushions (Small, Medium, and Small-Wide)

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Cushion: Every 15 to 30 Days
  • Headgear: Every 3 Months
  • Complete Mask: Every 6 Months
  • Tube Hose: Every 1-3 Months
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Additional information

Weight 0.50044933515967 lbs
Frame Size

Small, Standard

Learn More About AirFit™ N30i by ResMed

The freedom to sleep how you want

AirFit N30i is designed to make wearing a CPAP mask feel more natural, with air tubing that stays out of your way. This unique design allows you to move freely and comfortably switch positions. It also features a nasal cradle cushion that rests comfortable under the nose, rather than over it, and QuietAir™ vent technology, which is designed to minimize noise.

This design is ideal for stomach sleepers, prevents top-of-nose discomfort and gives you a more open field of vision than traditional nasal cushions.

Product Highlights

  • Top-of-head connection keeps air tubing out of your way for more freedom
  • •Nasal cradle cushion sits comfortably under the nose rather than over it
  • •QuietAir™ vent reduces sound to only 21 decibels – quieter than a soft whisper 
  • Perfect if you wear glasses, watch TV in bed or sleep on your stomach
  • Slip-on design makes it simple to put on and take off
  • Quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and disconnect without removing the mask
  • Cushion: Every 1 Month (or as needed)
  • Headgear: Every 3 Months (or as needed)
  • Complete Mask: Every 6 Months (or as needed)
  • Tube Hose: Every 3 Months (or as needed)

Whats included?

  • (1) AirFit™ N30i Nasal CPAP Mask Frame
  • (1) AirFit™ N30i Headgear
  • (1) AirFit™ N30i Cushion