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Keep your CPAP Mask in tip-top working condition with these alcohol and oil free wipes.  They remove dust, dirt, and grime from your mask with ease. Use before cleaning with your Sleep8 Device for the ultimate clean.

Each Package contains 30 wipes, individually sealed individually sealed in a foil packet.  Why?  Because this keeps every wipe fresh and moist until you need it.  Other wipes in bulk packages tend to dry out, and are a pain to travel with.  With the Mask M8tes from Sleep8, you can take the whole pack, or just the number of wipes you will need while you travel.  This makes the Mask M8tes an incredibly simple, light, and compact solution to cleaning your CPAP mask on the go, or at home.

Aside from the individual packages, small size, light weight, and cool name, what sets Mask M8tes apart from the competition?  The answer is that Mask M8tes were designed from the ground up to clean CPAP masks being cleaned with ozone.  You see, many CPAP wipes on the market are really just hand or face wipes that someone has placed a new label on.  (sad but true)  Normally this isn’t a problem, as those wipes are hand and face safe, made with Coconut or some other plant oil.  The problem comes from using those wipes on a mask that are being cleaned.  Ozone (and even the UV or chemicals that others use) react with oil, and the results over time are not pleasant.  This is why our Mask M8tes are oil free.

Additionally Mask M8tes active ingredients help prevent the growth of mold, and bacteria on your mask.  While not themselves antibacterial, they do make it much harder for things to grow on your mask between cleanings.

Mask M8tes are also great for cleaning for every day items that you carry with you such as eyeglasses, cell phone and tablet screens, and more.

Don’t settle for a low quality wipe.  Use Mask M8tes

Directions: Tear open the foil packet and remove the wipe. Rub the wipe over the full surface of the mask in a circular motion to remove dust, dirt, oil, and grime.  You should Clean your mask with a Mask M8te at least once every 3 days.  That said, we recommend daily use, just before using your Sleep8.

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