Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner




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Sleep8 is a portable, virtually silent CPAP cleaner that kills more than 99% of germs that could lead to mold and infections. With its compact design, it is perfect to take with you on the go. In just one click, it keeps germs out for a better night’s sleep and better health!


Perfect for those who travel or stay at home, this is sure to eliminate illness-causing germs and bacteria.

How It Works:

1. Connect your CPAP hose inside the bag

2. Place your mask inside the bag

3. Seal the bag

4. Connect the Sleep8 to the bag and press start!


  • Kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria
  • Travel Friendly
  • Speedy Sanitization
  • Clean with One Click
  • No Adapters Needed

Kills More Than 99% of Germs and Bacteria

Sleep8 kills more than 99% of bacteria that may lead to mold, sinus issues, and sickness. It emits ozone gas throughout the tube, mask, and water chamber to kill germs.

Travel Friendly

With a rechargeable battery, Sleep8 is small enough to take on the go.

Speedy Sanitization

In minutes, Sleep8 will have your CPAP completely sanitized using our waterless Activated Oxygen System.

Clean with One Click

Just press start and Sleep8 will do the rest. Once your CPAP and accessories are fully sanitized, it automatically turns off.

No Adapters Needed

Sanitizes CPAP machines, masks, tubing, and water chambers – regardless of brand. No adapters needed!