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3B React Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine (Rx Required)

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Discover the React Health Luna G3 CPAP machine – your solution to overcoming CPAP discomfort! This advanced device is designed with your comfort in mind, with features like built-in heated tubing and a pre-heat humidifier. From the moment you start your therapy, you’ll be surrounded by warmth as the Auto Ramp gently leads you into therapy, gradually adjusting pressure as you go, while the handy reminders keep you on track with your CPAP hygiene.


Despite its small size, the Luna G3 APAP doesn’t compromise on usability. Its user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and easily adjust settings. Say goodbye to dryness and rainout – the AutoHumidity control on the Luna G3 allows you maximum humidity without any unwanted moisture build-up.


The Luna G3 CPAP machine is designed to connect to all standard CPAP masks and tubing, making it easy for anyone to use. Plus, the 3B Luna QR app makes it easy to stay connected with your compliance data while on the go.

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