Zopec EXPLORE Mini Universal CPAP Battery




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  • SMALLEST, LIGHTEST WEIGHT and PACKED with POWER: The world’s smallest portable CPAP battery to include 110V AC outlet with 27,000 mAh. Weight: 1.6 lb. Dimensions: 7.0″ x 5.75″ x 1.0″.
  • WORKS WITH ALL CPAP MACHINES LIKE YOUR WALL OUTLET AT HOME: Just plug in and sleep like home! So simple to use. No need to be an electrical engineer to figure out which battery will work with your machine!
  • ULTRA POWERFUL and LONG RUN TIME: 1 – 1.5 nights on average or 7 – 12 hours depending on machine parameters. (NOTE: Use battery to power CPAP unit only. All CPAP batteries will lose 50% – 80% run time if heated humidifier and/or heated hose were used. See images for Run Time Chart with various machine brand and settings. We don’t recommend using heated humidifier and heated tube with this CPAP battery.)
  • PERFECT VACATION and CAMPING COMPANION: This powerful battery will also power any standard electronic device including Laptops, Phones, XBox, Movie Projectors … etc.
  • OTHER GREAT FEATURES: LED Light Display on Battery Life. Sleek and Modern look. Ultra-Fast Charging technology. CE Certified. Nice protective pouch included.
  • FAA/TSA COMPLIANT for AIR TRAVEL: Zopec EXPLORE Mini capacity is 97 Wh. Carry-On Bag only. Can not be in checked-in luggage. No quantity limit.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • NOTE: CPAP Battery is a FSA and HSA Eligible Item